Building Your TeamBuilding Your TeamBuilding Your Team
In these very challenging times for businesses, in a world recovering from the effects of Covid 19 where workforces are scattered, and working from home, the journey of returning to the same pre covid sense of team, and togetherness in the workplace and its future income and achievement, depends upon a workforce that is unified, strong and motivated.

Comedy and Confidence is a team building service based in North East Wales which comes to your place of work. and harnesses the energy and personality of your team. Utilising evidence based methods, individuals and groups are lead through Role Play, Improvisation, Comedy, Drama, Acting, and Presentations which promote initiative, courage and trust. 

Sessions are lesson planned for small and large teams, and are achievable, fun, interactive, motivating, inspiring and inclusive. They utilise the space within your work environment, where surroundings are familiar and activities may be aligned to needs of your business and working hours.

The benefits to your business include :
A work force with improved productivity
Increased Communication and Collaboration

A united, effective team
Better Self Esteem

Increased Motivation 
Improved Confidence and Resilience