Sarah Lloyd served in the Armed Forces, and later gained experience working in many aspects of the direct Sales Industry. She saw the effectiveness of confidence and team building activities, and went on to work for the national mental health charity MIND, where she applied her experience of confidence building to community mental health support groups. There she witnessed the positive changes which supported individual and group resilience, in improving self esteem, communication skills and autonomy.

Sarah performs as a Standup Comedian, entertaining audiences across the North West, and is the co manager of a comedy club in Rhyl, North Wales. While studying for a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education, Sarah created a Comedy and Confidence building course for students in the community. Combining stage and performance methods with team building exercises, the course was heavily grounded in laughter, fun, enjoyment in a non judgemental environment, where students participated in improvisation, role play, comedy and the development of stage and initiative skills.

Most recently Comedy and Confidence has been brought to community groups in North Wales, and the further education college Coleg Cambria, where the learners from 17 to 60 years of age enjoyed participating in confidence building activities.