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"Let Laughter be your Strength"

Building Your TeamBuilding Your TeamBuilding Your Team
In these very challenging times for businesses, in a world recovering from the effects of Covid 19 where workforces are scattered, and working from home, the journey of returning to the same pre covid sense of team, and togetherness in the workplace and its future income and achievement, depends upon a workforce that is unified, strong and motivated.

Comedy and Confidence is a team building service based in North East Wales which comes to your place of work. and harnesses the energy and personality of your team. Utilising evidence based methods, individuals and groups are lead through Role Play, Improvisation, Comedy, Drama, Acting, and Presentations which promote initiative, courage and trust. 

Sessions are lesson planned for small and large teams, and are achievable, fun, interactive, motivating, inspiring and inclusive. They utilise the space within your work environment, where surroundings are familiar and activities may be aligned to needs of your business and working hours.

The benefits to your business include :
A work force with improved productivity
Increased Communication and Collaboration

A united, effective team
Better Self Esteem

Increased Motivation 
Improved Confidence and Resilience 

Motivating your communityMotivating your communityMotivating your community
Comedy and Confidence also supports employability and community cohesion.

By engaging with young people and community groups with activities, where they are provided with experience in giving presentations, improvisation, team activities, use of initiative, creativity and collaboration. will promote and support their determination, strength, cooperation, and resilience.

Each activity promotes laughter, comedy, and enjoyment where ownership and decision making are placed in the hands of each person, enabling and empowering their growth, development and skills in returning to work. 
Presentation Skills CoursePresentation Skills CoursePresentation Skills Course
Members of our team may have great knowledge of their role, and a thorough understanding of products and services, however they may lack the key skills to communicate and present effectively to industry, colleagues and customers, to share important information, and close important sales contracts.

The Presentation Skills course is a full day of activities and exercises, lesson planned to provide a stepped, achievable outcome of confidence in presentation skills, initiative, innovation and communication. The day optimises individual and team skills within the framework of comedy and performance improvisation activities. promote initiative and innovation.

Sarah Lloyd served in the Armed Forces, and later gained experience working in many aspects of the direct Sales Industry. She saw the effectiveness of confidence and team building activities, and went on to work for the national mental health charity MIND, where she applied her experience of confidence building to community mental health support groups. There she witnessed the positive changes which supported individual and group resilience, in improving self esteem, communication skills and autonomy.

Sarah performs as a Standup Comedian, entertaining audiences across the North West, and is the co manager of a comedy club in Rhyl, North Wales. While studying for a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education, Sarah created a Comedy and Confidence building course for students in the community. Combining stage and performance methods with team building exercises, the course was heavily grounded in laughter, fun, enjoyment in a non judgemental environment, where students participated in improvisation, role play, comedy and the development of stage and initiative skills.

Most recently Comedy and Confidence has been brought to community groups in North Wales, and the further education college Coleg Cambria, where the learners from 17 to 60 years of age enjoyed participating in confidence building activities. 

Quarter Day Package

The Quarter Day Package Price on Application Suited to a busy workplace where time is precious the quarter day session enables a bespoke personal experience.

Half Day Package

The Half Day Package Price on Application The package is suited to specific groups or teams within your work place.

Full Day Package

The Full Day Package Price on Application This package is suitable for a wide spectrum of industries and team dynamics. Attendees are lead through fun activities which build their confidence and promote team cohesion.

Presentation Skills Course

The Presentation Skills Course Price on Application Tailored to sales teams, team leaders, and individuals in the workplace who wish to communicate effectively with clients, customers and colleagues.

Will I need to provide any special resources?

The resource required for these activities is a space in your workplace where attendees can move and perform safely,

The only other resource required is the attendees themselves, and the energy and personality they contribute through the duration of the session. 

Are the activities inclusive?

Activities are tailored to the individual needs of attendees. 

Is your service Eco Friendly ?

Yes, Comedy and Confidence uses recycled paper, equipment and upcycled props.

Is it possible to conduct the sessions over zoom?

The sessions are at their most effective in person, however in this climate of coping with COVID and remote working, sessions over the Zoom conferencing platform are available. 

Is your business based in Wales?

My business is based in Denbigh, North Wales, and I speak Welsh as a second language. 
  • Denbigh, North Wales.

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